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Valerie & Travis

October 7, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with this truly lovely bride on September 17th of this year. I was so excited when Val mentioned to me at her bridal trial that her wedding Photographer was Kristi Telnov — her work is just unreal, there is no other way to explain it! Val was such a beautiful bride and I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures of her wedding day, it looked so magical. I’ve never been to The Gathering Place before where I did her makeup that morning along with her bridesmaids and mom — wow, such a beautiful venue!  I also loved working with Christy from Simply Captivating Styling, she is an artist with hair and Val’s updo was a creation like nothing I’ve ever seen. I feel so blessed that I was able to be a part of this stellar group of vendors on Val & Travis’ big day!



Val with her beautiful mom and sister…



This dress ❤ ❤










Alexa & Brian {July 23rd, 2016}

August 26, 2016

I can’t get enough of my beautiful bride Alexa’s stunning wedding look! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is such a sweetheart! I first met Alexa at my studio when she came for her bridal makeup preview in May. We discussed what she envisioned for her makeup and together came up with the perfect look for the big day.  I kept her skin soft, glowy and flawless using Temptu Pro airbrushing and added touches of liquid bronzer and highlighter for that dewy look. Her eye-shadows were a neutral palette of shimmer and matte tones with more emphasis on her dramatic lashes and eyeliner. Although she looked amazing on the preview day, I truly love how everything came together on the wedding day! It was such a fun morning getting all of her girls glammed up at the hotel and I’m genuinely thrilled I got to be a small part of her and Brian’s wedding day!

Photos by Sarah D’Alessandro //



❤ ❤ ❤


Just an I-Phone snapshot but I couldn’t resist this one…


Getting into that beautiful dress…



Copy of IMG_2413

IMG_2473 copy

Thanks again Alexa & Brian and best wishes to you both!











Whirl’s Women in Business 2016

May 1, 2016

I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated this year for Whirl’s Women in Business issue, May 2016. Along with my business, Pittsburgh Makeup, there are 150 other women listed who are business owners/entrepreneurs in the ‘burg! I am truly humbled to be a part of this issue among so many other women who rock!  The message — women supporting women and community, not competition…LOVE IT. Thanks again to Whirl Magazine and your support!


Ali & Nate

February 1, 2016

I’m really excited to be doing a blog post of this lovely couple, Ali & Nate! I first met Ali back in 2011, when I did makeup for her sister Samantha’s wedding. I was honored when she wanted me for her own wedding! It was a great morning at the Wyndham on October 31st where I did makeup for Ali and her beautiful bridesmaids.  Along with my assistant, Haley, I got to also work with some of my favorite wedding vendors.  Shari from Tease Salon did an amazing job with all of the hair and I can’t say enough about Michael Williams Photography…he is the absolute best!  I loved looking through all of the beautiful pictures from the day and thrilled that I was a small part of it!







Brandy + Brian

November 20, 2015

Happy Friday! I got a new computer and I’m officially back in business, thank goodness.  I couldn’t wait to blog this beautiful bride…I loved Brandy from the get-go and was excited to work with her for the big day!  As always, it’s nice going to one of my favorite venues — The Maple Heights Mansion in Shadyside.  You couldn’t ask for a better set-up with space and great lighting, which is a must in my book! I arrived early that morning {which was the perfect Fall day!} at the Mansion to do Brandy’s makeup, her mom and one of her beautiful bridesmaids. I hope you enjoy these awesome pictures by Sky’s The Limit Photography…they always do a wonderful job.  Thanks again to Brandy & Brian for having me be a part of their special day!










  ❤ Doesn’t get any prettier than this! ❤ 283

Lottie + Mark

October 24, 2015

I’m starting to feel right at home at Lingrow Farms — this venue is one of my favorite places to do makeup at. Beautiful scenery, perfect lighting/space for makeup and of course wonderful brides to work with!  This wedding was beautiful, Lottie has amazing taste and I loved looking through all of the wedding photos.  Meaghan Elliott Photography is so talented and I also had a chance to work with Studio E. Salon who did beautiful work on Lottie’s hair. I love seeing how everything came together for this fairy tale wedding and wish this beautiful couple the very best! ❤

lottienew lottie1 lottienew2


Go Team! –Hair/Makeup

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Wedding Day Makeup Tips {to my brides & others}

September 17, 2015

It’s finally here, the big day! With doing so many weddings over the years, I have found some tricks and tips that really help the flow of the morning go flawlessly [at least where the makeup is concerned].  These are just things that personally I do with my own brides but I hope you find them helpful too! If I’m lucky enough to be your makeup artist for the day, thanks so much for having me!  If I’m not, I’m sure the artist you have will have some awesome tips and tricks up their own sleeves. =)

ursula 2

Spacing & Lighting: Obviously good lighting is key for makeup, but also a nice amount of space is also crucial. This can be very challenging in small hotel rooms.  If possible, have a designated space cleared off for makeup [and hair] prior to arrival so the makeup/hair can start on time.  It’s deceiving how much stuff us makeup artists can pack in a small kit, so having either a desk or bigger table available is perfect. I like to travel with a folding table and makeup light just in case though! If your artist is airbrushing, they may need access to an outlet — so keep this is mind as well. A good work space is truly every makeup artist’s dream!

The line up: For me, when there is a bigger wedding party [let’s say 5 or more]…I always ask that my brides go first, or at least second in the lineup.  I personally like to always do makeup before hair if it’s an option. This way I don’t have to work around the creation that the hair dresser did and can just do my thing! I understand brides wanting to go last so makeup stays, BUT, if you get your makeup done at the beginning this allows your makeup to SET.  Then at the end when everyone has had makeup completed, you can come back to the chair for a final touch up.  Tweaking what needs a little more coverage, more lipstick/gloss, more powder etc.  This is also great because by this time, your photographer has arrived and able to capture those pretty touch up pics every bride wants for her album.  Allowing that first application of makeup to set and then doing touch ups later assures me that it won’t budge for the day!

Any Changes to Makeup: This is for the bride who already has had a makeup trial prior…some opt out of a trial and that’s ok too. If you have any changes, even minor, mention this before the artist starts or even a quick email beforehand can be helpful. If your artist is like me {a major planner!} then it’s nice to gave a game-plan and jump right in! If you didn’t have a trial, make sure you email your artist lots of pictures and communicate well what your exceptions are and the look you want to achieve.  Without a trial, I like to go in baby steps … I can always add more but it’s not as easy to take away.  Always make sure to mention anything like a possible BM wanting a tattoo covered or a couple extra girls who may want lashes in the event your artist is planning on just was already discussed ahead of time. I really like to nail down everything prior to arrival that may potentially be asked of me just so I am 110% prepared.

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Bride Essentials Plus Odds & Ends:

  • For lips — I feel this is important for the bride to have a full size product of the lipstick/gloss handy for her bag. If you LOVE what your artist used on your at your trial, definitely don’t hesitate to ask for the shade and pick that up.  I retail a lipstick line with glosses at my studio but if it’s something I don’t have available for purchase, I let them know where to pick it up and the shade. I also always try to have a little touch up of lipstick available for my brides if needed.
  • If you get a little shiny…something like an Invisible Blotting Powder is perfect to control shine during the day and doesn’t have any color so it won’t disrupt what your artist did. Be sure to ask if there are any other little important items needed as well {blotting papers, lash touch up glue just in case, etc} in the event your artist doesn’t supply you with a touch up kit. Remember if you get a little sweaty or shiny to BLOT don’t rub =).
  • Recently I started having my brides bring their own favorite Waterproof Mascara for the day-of. For sanitary reasons we artists have to use those throw away wands, which are fine but if you have them use their own mascara it’s nice because you can use the amazing brush that most mascaras come with these days.  Just a thought!
  • I like to carry straws for after bridesmaids get their makeup done, so they don’t mess up their lips as much.  Although a quick lipstick touch-up can be given at any time too since there is often lots of eating and drinking going on! Make sure to grab the artist before they clean everything up and pack for any touch-ups so everything is available and handy!


Last but not least! If you look in the mirror and have anything you want to tweak or change, don’t be afraid to ask! It’s your big day and your makeup artist wants you to be happy and feel your most beautiful.  After the fact, if you absolutely loved your makeup, tell people about it — leave a great review for your Artist on Wedding Wire.  We always appreciate the kind words and it helps other brides know a little about our work, thanks!