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Airbrushing or Traditional Makeup?

November 22, 2017

Airbrushing or traditional? This is a question I get asked from almost every bride and it’s definitely a great question to ask! I thought I’d do a little blog about it. This is something that every makeup artist you ask may have a different opinion on…which one is better? I talk a lot to my fellow makeup artist friends and we all seem to have a different theory on it. This is my personal opinion which does come from doing countless faces over the years but mostly just personal preference. I truly love both and there are pros and cons to each I believe. I feel either way, it’s always best and just smart to hire an experienced artist who will be able to work with you and clearly explain the benefits of both and know which one is right for you!


Airbrushing — there isn’t much NOT to love. This makeup is typically thinner than traditional makeup so it can be easily compressed thru an airbrushing gun to evenly apply a fine mist of makeup. Since airbrush makeup comes out “pixelated” its a popular choice for anyone being photographed, on TV, and definitely a great choice for brides. When done properly the client won’t even feel like they have any makeup on. This being said, I’ve had several new clients through the years who didn’t want for me to do airbrushing because of a bad experience they may have had with it in the past. This can happen when an artist is heavy handed with this technique. With airbrushing, it’s so important to know when to stop because you never want to actually “see” the makeup on the skin. This is something said to me by an educator when I was first learning and it has always stuck with me. It should just look like a truly flawless and even application with no beginning or end. The benefits? There are many. The airbrushing formula of choice here at the studio is Temptu Professional S/B. It’s a silicone based formula that is water resistant, sweat/tear proof and lasts up to 12 hours. With airbrushing the sweat or tears will “bead off” the skin and not take down all the makeup with it. So the makeup formula itself is different as well as the actual makeup application.


Traditional — this makeup refers to a traditional makeup application with tools like brushes and sponges {like my beauty blender above!} and definitely has benefits to it as well. At the studio it’s important for us to also use the best hi-def makeup, such as Makeup Forever and Graftobian which are both very comparable and long-wearing formulas. We only stock our kits with high-end formulas right for every situation. An experienced artist using traditional makeup will be able to achieve the same effect as airbrushing, hands down. For me personally with certain textures of skin, I do like to apply traditional makeup to fill in all of those nooks and crannies. With airbrushing, the makeup does lay on the skin so using tools can fill in all those gaps. It’s really about what particular application will work best for each person and their skin.


Now what? — A lot of times, and I mean a lot — I like to do a little of both applications when its needed. My end goal is to have you flawless. I always really look at my client’s skin and texture and consult with them before I start anything. It’s never really cut and dry for me and every client’s skin is so different. I personally never say one is better because I never feel that is the case. When it comes down to it for me, the biggest difference with each option is application itself. That’s just me but I’d love to hear your opinion on this — really, tell me!

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